Missional Initiatives

Mission is a very important part of the ministry and work of St. Toms - we believe it is important to be a visible, active presence in village life, seeking to share God’s blessings and love in practical ways. The photos shown on this page show various outreach activities and more detail on initiatives and activities focussed on mission can be found within our pMAP
As part of our outreach, we partner together with the Parish Council to host annual Remembrance Sunday services and a ‘Carols in the Square’ event each December. Prior to the pandemic, we ran a ‘Light Party’ event on 31 October each year and we have supported ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer initiatives.

The Fountain Café is an exciting initiative where the team have a very strong working relationship with the Parish Council and are working with them on plans for a new Community Café at New Century Park – for more details of these, see

St. Tom’s ran the Fountain Café, every Wednesday morning at Wyvern College - nearly ten years! In September 2020, The Fountain Café became a Community Interest Company, with continued close links with St. Tom’s. The Fountain is currently running as a mobile ’pop up’ café using Flo, a converted horse box.
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