Missional Initiatives

Four years ago, a helpful prophetic picture from God was shared that has shaped the subsequent development of Missional Initiatives.
The picture was of a walled garden full of vibrantly coloured flowers and plants. The flowers had burst out through a gap in the wall seeding and flourishing outside the walls.
Therefore, we believe it is important that we are an active presence in our local community within the
‘Outer Courts’, to share God’s blessings and love in visible and practical ways.

‘making Jesus better known’, we look to engage with the people of our Parish regularly, by inviting them to community events. The various Missional Initiatives overseen by St Tom’s are shown on the diagram on page 14 under the ‘Get Togethers’ heading around the outer edge.
The Fountain Café is our primary missional initiative, where we currently enjoy a close working relationship with the Parish Council and are working with them on exciting plans for a new community café at New Century Park.