The worshipping family comes together at our regular meetings, primarily still on Sundays, to present our love of Jesus within the Parish:

Morning Prayer / 9.30am ‘Common Worship’ / ‘The Gathering’ / ‘Deeper’ / Wednesday Mid-Week Communion

Common Worship’
is held within the main church building, is traditional in its style and is typically attended by the older members of our congregation.

‘The Gathering’
meets at the nearby Village Hall and mainly ministers to families with children and young people of all ages, along with those who enjoy a more contemporary style of worship.

is a more informal meeting held in the main church building and, as the name suggests, focuses on a deeper level of bible study, personal worship and ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit.

During COVID :
9.15am Morning Prayer (Monday-Saturday) / Sunday 10am ‘Church Together’ (on Facebook Live) / 2.30pm Family Church / 7pm ‘Deeper’ on Zoom

We hold quarterly
‘Half-Nights of Prayer’ meetings (8pm-12am), where we dedicate time to corporately hear from God.

We also regularly conduct Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals which provide important opportunities to share the love of Jesus with our local community

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every other Sunday

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every Sunday am

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every Sunday evening