Sunday Worship

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9.30 Morning Service

The Morning Service @ St. Toms Church Building – Sundays 09:30am (1st Sunday : Non-Communion, 2nd-5th Sundays : Communion)
We aim to Encounter Jesus via a more traditional expression of Anglican worship in the Church building

As this congregation feel they BELONG as part of the overall fellowship at St Toms,  we pray that others from the community may be drawn in and come to BELONG themselves.

Worship on Sunday mornings at the Church takes place in a single service which starts at 09:30 am and takes 2 forms:
  • With the exception of the first Sunday of each month we offer a communion service along traditional Anglican lines, including a sermon, and the opportunity for prayer ministry.
  •  On the first Sunday of each month we have a non-Communion service which takes the form of a service of word, prayer and worship.
  • After each these services we offer refreshments and an opportunity for fellowship.
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10.30 Family Service

The family gathering at Wyvern exists to create an opportunity for people form every generation to encounter the goodness of God.

We have children's and youth work from 0 - 16 which happens around the campus in different locations.

Our gathering starts at 10am with coffee and then at  10.30am we gather as a family for a time of worship.

Look forward to seeing you at Wyvern this Sunday 
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Deeper - 7-9pm in the Church Building

We aim to Encounter God and Grow in discipleship

Deeper in the Word. This is St Tom's weekly opportunity for expositional bible-teaching. We normally have a good Q&A session, as part of the evening!

Deeper in the Spirit. On the first Sunday of each month we partake in Holy Communion and there is an opportunity to be activated and grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Our sung worship is generally unplugged and informal, with prayer ministry freely available.