With Love is one part of the ladies ministry here at St. Thomas’. When formed a number of years ago, With Love hosted evening meetings full of fun, teaching, blessing and generosity to others. This is still the ethos, though recent meetings have been held over a Saturday breakfast rather than an evening meeting in the church building. It is our hope to continue these meetings twice a year when we gather to share a breakfast of bacon rolls, croissants, toast etc. and hear from a speaker affiliated with St. Tom’s give a talk. Our breakfast speakers to date have included a group of ladies who visited our Mission Partners in Burundi, Caroline from ARK and Lynn from Miriam House in Southampton and the Lilies Pregnancy Counselling service. We have recently reintroduced the Agape Pots: a pot we keep visibly in our homes and collect our loose change or donate as God inspires us. The money is periodically gathered and distributed to those we wish to bless in some way. It may be to bless a new mum with some goodies for her newborn baby or to give to a family who are experiencing hardship. We encourage generosity and a desire to bless others! If you are interested in having an Agape Pot, please contact one of the With Love team or the church office. We are always seeking to expand and extend the With Love ministry. We have had a couple of evening meetings with tea, cake and chatter, most recently as a fundraiser for Christmas gifts for Chapter 1. We are always keen to seek ways to meet together and develop the With Love ministry.
The With Love team comprises of Eve Croucher, Alison Walker, Karen Pickard, Pam Alford and Sylvia Owens. If you would like to be added to the With Love news email distribution list, please contact use the request form under the 'Newsletter' tab on this website or contact the church office – office@sttoms.co.uk . We promise not to bombard you with emails but we can let you know the latest events planned and any other information specific to With Love.

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