The Fair Oak Music Festival

In partnership with New Hope Hampshire, our Regional Partner, as Lead, this relatively new Festival initiative, inaugurated in 2013, being held annually on the first Saturday of September, enables us to celebrate bringing the community together at the start of the new School Year to celebrate local and regional talent. The Music Stages provide the programme for the day but the old-style Church Fete-type games, food and drink stalls and community ventures showcases give the occasion a "boutique festival" feel with a good attendance being seen since its inception.

As St Toms are one of the key sponsors and organisers, we have a stall that introduces people to the Church and acts as the first "stepping stone" in to all our other "SHARE" offers to the Parish.

In this way, we pray that many will make their first contact with St Toms and want to know more - "to find their place" with us and BELONG.

We then invite people to the Light Party.