Baptisms come in all shapes and sizes and over the past 12 months we have held baptisms for people aged 8 months to 80 years!  

We offer infant baptism for a child that’s not yet old enough enough to make decisions about faith for themselves – also known as a christening – as part of our Sunday morning services. Before we agree a date we ask all parents to attend a Sunday morning service, either at 09:30am (our traditional service) or 11:00am (a more modern service). When you come along make sure you say hello to the minster leading the service which is most likely to be Jono, Bob or Tom. We can then provide you with an enquiry form which will allow us to log the baptism request in our booking system.

We also ask that you and your partner attend a short baptism preparation evening when we will run through the service and check everyone is happy with what will happen. Depending on the number of baptisms this sometimes takes place with other couples. This also gives us a chance to answer any questions that you may have.

Thanksgiving and Dedication services are also available. They celebrate the arrival of a child into our lives and are a time to gather family and friends around us to say thank you to God. It does not require the same promises as Baptism but is a celebration of the gift of life.

If you are want to find out more about infant baptism please get in touch!

Believers baptism

At several points in the year we hold full immersion baptism services with a pool. This takes place when a person has decided to follow Jesus for themselves. This is a personal declaration of faith as well as an opportunity for the church to pray for people as they publicly acknowledge their faith in Jesus. Believers baptism is available to people who have come to faith in Jesus and have made St Toms their spiritual home. If you have come to faith in Jesus and want to know more about believers baptism please get in touch or chat to one of our team


If you were baptised as an infant you might like to consider confirmation. This is a service in which you confirm the promises that were made when you were baptized. If you were baptised when you were a child, your parents and godparents made these promises on your behalf. As a young person or adult, you may be ready to affirm these promises for yourself and commit your life to following Jesus Christ. At a confirmation service, you make these promises for yourself. Your friends and family as well as the local Christian community will be there to promise to support and pray for you.

You can find out mmore about confirmation here