La Source

We are praying with La Source Church Network this week. Here are the daily prayer pointers


Le Neubourg Church

Reasons for Thanksgiving:
⮚ The arrival of 4 new people this year
⮚ At our Christmas celebration we had 31 adults and 12 children.
⮚ We have 7 non Christians ready to do Alpha

Prayer Points:
⮚ The search for a building
⮚ The Alpha Course which starts on 21 January
⮚ Health : several of our group have health concerns.

La Pommeraie (La Pommeraie des Arts – Association 1901)

Reasons for Thanksgiving:
• The creation of a non-profit association this year to manage the ministry activities of the Pommeraie
• We welcomed many artists from France and we were privileged to also welcome guests from Holland, Mexico, the UK and the USA.
• We began to connect with artists from across Europe through the association Arts Plus and the European Evangelical Alliance.

Prayer Points:
• The creation of a new website for the Pommeraie to help in bookings and communication about our ministry
• A seminary course that Steve will be teaching this winter, via Zoom, which links the arts and Urban ministry.
• Further development and strengthening of networks of artists in France and in Europe.
• Wisdom to know how best to care for the artists who come to the Pommeraie.


Le Bon Berger Church, Caen

Reasons for Thanksgiving
• The new people who have accepted Christ in their lives.
• The 3 people who have been baptised and are growing well in their faith.
• The starting up of a new house group.
• Soon the possibility of using the Adventist church building for our services and other activities.

Prayer Topics
 Pray for the unity of the body of Christ in Caen
 Pray for the growth of our church which lost some members over the summer.
 Pray that our sharing of the Gospel will bear fruit and that we will have a breakthrough in our regular evangelistic times in the “Grace de Dieu” area of Caen.
 Pray for spiritual growth and perseverance in the faith for the church members.


La Source Church and Community Café, Lisieux

Reasons for Thanksgiving:
 Sale of the church premises.
 Faithfulness in tithes and offerings.
 The commitment and faithfulness of the members in the life of the church.
 Youth from Hauteville : more and more are joining the football team set up by Elton.
 Loyalty of customers at the café and more and more new people coming in.

Prayer topics:
• Health of various members of the church
• Community outreach projects
• Future of the community café: possibility that the local council may demolish the building in order to build something new there.
• How to move forward with the youth of Hauteville who do not know the Lord.
• Finding new premises for the church to meet in after the sale of the building.


Rouen Church

Reasons for Thanksgiving:
• Regular attendance at our services (45 people on average including adults and children).
• Lydia, who stepped up to lead a new youth group (AJ). This group has about 7-8 teenagers.
• The volunteers who regularly help with the practical work and gardening.
• The 5 recent baptisms.
• The finances which, despite a dip, allow us to continue our ministry.

Prayer topics:
 Pray for the growth of the church, by the grace of God.
 Pray for ways to be missional, to reach more people around us.
 Pray for our adaptation to the new law for religious organisations in France: adoption of new statutes, training for Jules as treasurer on the new software…..
 Pray for the decisions to be made concerning the maintenance of our premises.
 Pray for the planning of an event in June, in collaboration with other churches in Rouen, during the Armada 2023 Tall Ships Festival.
 Pray for the stability of our finances.


Echo Church, Honfleur

Reasons for Thanksgiving:
• The perseverance of a stable group of about fifteen people.
• The two homes that welcome us in Toutainville
• The unity of the group despite the difficulties in moving forward
• New people who have come to the group even though they are not with us at the moment.
• The people who have preached and taught the Word of God to the group: Steve, Thierry and Sylvaine, Mauricio……
• The desire in our hearts to obey the Lord whatever his will for the group.

Prayer topics:
• Discernment and fresh guidance from God concerning his will and direction for the future of the group.
• New life and renewed vision.
• New people in whom the Lord is at work.
• That people in the group are faithful in their discipleship as well as helping others to grow in Christ.
• A fixed location to meet in Beuzeville or the surrounding area
• Those in the group with health problems.



Reasons for Thanksgiving:
 For the various evangelistic activities we have been able to do throughout the year. Many people have heard the gospel and we trust that the Lord will cause it to bear fruit in his timing.
 For the 20 or so new people who have visited our church for the first time. We have their contact details and are trying to follow them up.
 For the financial provision to cover the cost of renting the church building. We are also grateful that the Prunera family has been able to continue working full time in their pastoral ministry.

Prayer topics:
 Pray for the salvation of the inhabitants of the city of Saint-Lô and the 60 surrounding communes (in total, about 80,000 people).
 Pray for the strengthening and building up of the faithful in the Chemin Nouveau church. May we be true disciples of Jesus Christ.
 Pray for the arrival of Hugo Ventura, a young Salvadoran who wants to come and join us in the church planting ministry here. May his visa application be accepted.
 Pray for wisdom and discernment from the Lord about the next step for the church, especially about the building we are currently in. Indeed, on some Sundays, the hall is already full!