Month: April 2024

Worship Together May

On Sunday 5th May Peter Rouch from Church Army will be speaking at Worship Together at 10am. It’s also the date of our APCM. The APCM will start at 1pm and as it’s the first of the month there’s an opportunity to eat together at our community meal at midday. Please join us!


Peter Rouch will be speaking on Sunday 5th May at our┬ánext Worship Together service. It’s also the date of our APCM! If you’d like to attend please ensure you are on our electoral roll (it’s currently displayed at the back of the church building.) The APCM will start at 1pm and there will be an…
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Worship Together

We look forwards to welcoming Francis Dognon with us for our next Worship Together service at 10am on Sunday 7th April. It will be great to hear the latest news from La Source church in Normandy – one of our long standing mission partners. Don’t miss it!